Germany is a leader in the manufacture of windows and doors. Nowhere else are there such high requirements for new windows and doors in terms of air tightness, thermal insulation, driving rain tightness, statics as well as stability, sustainability and safety. European testing institutes award the RAL quality mark, a seal of quality that guarantees home and apartment owners windows of the highest quality.

The window design significantly determines the appearance of a room. Modern functions facilitate operation and increase comfort. High energy efficiency and climate protection are also among the outstanding features of modern window systems. To ensure that you get exactly the windows you want, we combine the desired look with all the equipment of your choice. From tilt protection to burglary protection. Based on the current situation, we recommend the installation of double or triple thermal insulation glazing and, in addition to a generally well-insulated building envelope, an investment in suitable window seals. The time spent on their care and maintenance will pay off. Tight windows save heating costs and protect the climate.

  • wooden windows
  • plastic windows
  • aluminum windows
    • Holzfenster (speziell auch für denkmalgeschützte Objekte)
    • Kunststofffenster
    • Aluminiumfenster

Plastic windows

Noise insulation

Your home should be a place of peace and relaxation, to switch off from the everyday stress and noise of the outside world and to recharge your batteries. But if you live near noise sources such as industrial parks, airports or road and rail traffic, you are exposed to a permanent noise level. These everyday noises are quickly perceived as unwanted, disturbing and annoying sound.

Old windows are the biggest weak points

Outside noise penetrates where the least resistance is found on the facade: through the windows. Older windows in particular represent a weak point. Sensible sound insulation measures on your own house not only increase the value of your property, they are also sustainable investments in the health of your family and provide significantly more quality of life.

Why is noise insulation important for your well-being?

Noise-insulated windows protect against psychosomatically triggered illnesses. Around two thirds of Germans feel annoyed by noise. Noise has a negative impact on physical, mental and social well-being. It is precisely this permanent acoustic overstimulation that can have far-reaching consequences:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Digestive disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depressions
  • Learning disabilities in children

Do I need increased noise insulation for my windows?

Windows are classified according to sound insulation classes, which are a recommendation for the use of modern soundproof windows according to your living environment and your structural situation. With the Sound Insulation Ordinance, the legislator has drawn up a minimum requirement for sound insulation in building construction.

In practice, however, it is evident that noise insulation measures should go beyond the minimum requirement in order to fully satisfy the subjective perception of quiet.

Reassuringly safe: burglary protection around Dresden.

This keeps intruders out.

Would you have thought that, according to the “Cologne Study”, around 45 percent of all burglary attempts failed in 2017 – and 98.95 percent of these were due to security technology? Of these, 90 percent were due to mechanical measures on windows and front doors. Similar figures are provided by the police crime statistics for 2019.

Conclusion: Even simple mechanical measures are extremely effective against burglaries. For example:

  • Mushroom-head locks
  • lockable window handles
  • Additional window locks
  • Front door locks with multipoint locks.

We install all this for you – whether in the course of a new production or a retrofit. If you think that retrofitting windows and doors is complicated and expensive, you’re wrong. Simple mechanical measures can be retrofitted with little effort. Talk to us about it, we will advise you individually at your home. Of course, even if your burglary protection should be a bit bigger.