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The business field of our company is the professional installation of windows, doors and sun protection systems as well as their maintenance, repair and servicing in and around Dresden. We are proud to have successfully managed the challenges of the past 25 years with our consistent operating team of about 20 people and look confidently to the tasks ahead.

Peter Huttelmaier
three generations

Our history

  • Company foundation on 01.08.1985 by Peter Huttelmaier
  • after 1989 close contacts with window manufacturing company Hilzinger in Strasbourg
  • 1996 Foundation of Thermo-Glas-Service Neumann GmbH by Ralf Neumann
  • 25 years of success in a competitive market
  • Coordination of several thousand service jobs through very good planning, friendly communication and high flexibility
  • since 01.12.2019 handover to the third generation to Luisa Kröhl, born Neumann
  • since 01.12.2021 sole power of attorney for Luisa Kröhl

The company Thermo-Glas-Service was founded in 1985 by Peter Huttelmaier. The location on Bodenbacher Straße 46 in 01277 Dresden has been well established to this day. He laid the foundations for today’s company and developed important business relationships that are still highly significant today. The first years of his business, for example, there was a very close business relationship with Helmut Hilzinger, who took over his parents’ business in 1976. As hilzinger GmbH’s largest customer at times, it makes us very proud that we can continue to rely on a good working relationship as times change.

From those roots, Ralf Neumann founded Thermoglasservice Neumann GmbH in December 1996. Since its foundation, the company has become a recognized installation and service company in the field of installation of windows and doors, special and facade glazing and sun protection. The craft business has now been family-owned for more than 37 years. With the handing over of the company to Luisa Kröhl, the company gets the chance to use and expand the already existing know-how and to rethink internal processes and structures.

former TGS

TGS now

What is important to us: Regional sourcing of supplies

As a service provider in the Saxony area, we attach much importance to sourcing our material from regional distributors. Rentsch Holzhandel GmbH, for example, is a very reliable partner in this regard. The orders of our service technicians are mainly in the Dresden area. Larger construction projects are located in but partly also around Dresden. We thus guarantee our employees a good work-life balance and save unnecessary emissions due to long distances.

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Knowledge – Skills – Quality

We work with a professionally qualified staff of currently about 20 people in the professional areas of carpenters, locksmiths, metal workers, glaziers and bricklayers. The extensive experience and skills of our skilled workers coupled with the use of modern technology and effective working technologies of our engineers enable us to solve even extensive and complex tasks quickly and with high quality.

Our employees are our most important asset. Some employees have acquired additional qualifications over the years. Among them are certified specialists for hold-open systems, fire doors and gates, fire and smoke protection closures, specified electrical engineering activities and fire protection technicians. Perhaps you too will find your new challenge with us. We offer you challenging and exciting tasks in our family-owned company.