We work with a professionally qualified staff of currently about 20 people in the occupational groups of carpenters, locksmiths, metal workers, glaziers and bricklayers. The extensive experience and skills of our skilled workers coupled with the use of modern technology and effective working technologies of our engineers enable us to solve even extensive and complex tasks quickly and with high quality.

Defective, leaking or damaged? Our friendly team is here for you!


For a long-lasting life better preventive maintenance.

Windows are under constant mechanical and weather influences. Window maintenance prolongs the life of your windows! We are happy to offer you regular maintenance and inspection in the form of a maintenance contract and support you with the documentation obligation.

We also offer testing and maintenance for your doors, overhead door closers/locking systems, swing door drives and roller shutters – in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Your advantages

  • Compliance with the inspection obligation by a prescribed expert
  • Avoidance of damage and downtime through regular maintenance, e.g. of all moving parts
  • Guarantees safe operation and functionality of your equipment
  • Maintaining building code approvals and insurance coverage
  • Support with the mandatory documentation requirements
  • Proactive scheduling of prescribed inspection and maintenance cycles
  • Adjust windows and doors professionally
  • Install spare parts
  • Change seals
  • Eliminate damage
  • Preventive maintenance of windows and doors

Repair service

From seal replacement to fitting renewal

Do you know this? Dragging, poorly closing windows, handles that can’t be set straight … With regular maintenance, this can usually be reliably avoided. And there’s more good news: With our support, malfunctions quickly become a thing of the past. We adjust the mechanics professionally and install spare parts if necessary.

Our range of services includes:

  • Repair of all wearing parts on doors and windows
  • Fitting repairs
  • Locks and trimmings
  • Repair of sun protection systems
  • Spare parts service


Für Energieeinsparung und ein besseres Raumklima

Our qualified installers use special tools and aids for the installation of windows and doors. They install according to the rules of technology, defined in the RAL guidelines for installation.

Windows and doors are multifunctional components that have to fulfill a variety of properties. Professional window installation concerns the screwing of the window in the wall and also the sealing of the windows against noise, cold, wind and moisture. Based on the installation planning by the planner or the window consultant, we order and install your elements according to your wishes. Fastening and sealing varies from window to window. The fastening must be able to absorb vertical and horizontal forces caused by wind or operation of the window. The sealing is carried out according to the principle tighter on the inside than on the outside, what concerns the diffusivity of the connecting joints. For this purpose, we work in with tested and coordinated mounting materials.